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Newton Abbot Fencing Club dates back over 30 years and is one of the longest established sports clubs to meet at the Dyrons Leisure Centre. Initially a Newton Abbot club, in 1998 it added an extra night on a Tuesday to meet in and serve the people of the Totnes area.


All three weapons (foil, epee and sabre) are practised. When from time to time the need arises, the club has been pleased to welcome people with physical handicaps under the umbrella of ‘wheelchair fencing’. Fencing is a sport that particularly lends itself to this, and the challenge from a fencer in a wheelchair can be as great and just as difficult as facing your opponent on a conventional fencing piste.


The club has been the starting point for fencers who have achieved international status and been selected to represent Great Britain.


On occasions the Club has assisted local drama groups to put together fights for stage productions (e.g. Hamlet).


The club has two coaches and meets four times a week. It is affiliated to the National organisation, the British Fencing Association and is a member of the Devon County Fencing Union.



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