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By dave, Jun 7 2019 08:04PM

Welcome to the June edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter.

Just for you informations, I teach emergency First Aid at Work (eFAW) courses

(6 & ½ hrs in duration) through www.evexiatraining.co.uk (please visit the website) & charge £55 per student for these courses. I will deliver these courses to members of our lovely club Free Gratis, if there are 10 members and you could organise the venue.

The qualification is valid for 3 years and each student receives hands on practice, booklets, Certificate & most importantly of all-the potenial ability to save a life.

By dave, May 15 2019 08:31PM

Welcome to the May edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter. In the next couple of months there are quite a few fencing competitions coming up, e.g. “The Bristol Open-Saturday June 1st” & “The Wellington Open-Saturday & Sunday 18th & 19th May” & “The RAF Open-July 29th & 30th June” to name but a few. Please check the following webpages for more information:

Devonfencing.co.uk Swfencing.co.uk britishfencing.com

By dave, Feb 11 2019 09:21PM

Welcome to the February edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter. January has flown by and onto February !!

Word of the Month : THE STOP HIT

The stop hit is a counter-offensive movement which must, by hitting the attacker, arrest the attacker in the development of the attack. The Stop hit to be in time must arrive before the opponents final movement.

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