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April 2019 Newsletter

By dave, May 15 2019 08:20PM

Welcome to the April edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter.Wow where has the year gone, its spring already !!.

To quote, GB’s first fencing couch, Roger Crosnier:-

“Accuracy and confidence will only be obtained through the constant repetition of movements, so that their execution becomes as automatic and natural as the gesture of walking or shaking hands.’

Jan Lacey, B.A.F. Newton Abbot Coach

Don’t forget our monthly fencing competitions, all held at Totnes :-

1st Tuesday of the month – Epee

2nd Tuesday of the month – Foil

3rd Tuesday of the month - Sabre

All welcome (especially other local clubs) , please come along and join in to am excellent evening and a lovely atmosphere.

Above: Our Monthly Club Foil Competition at Totnes Pavillions.

From L to R :- Craig (1st time really enjoyed it), Alex, Wilf, John (Praying for a fag break),

Myself, Lynne (Winner on the night, congratulations), Andy (getting better & lovely to have him back), George (really fencing well) & Tracey.

It’s a really great evening with a lovely atmosphere, so please come and join us its our club, our evening, our fun.

Foil/Epee/Sabre competitions for future :

April 27 & 28th Excalibur information to follow

June 1 & 2nd Bristol Open Clearym2a@gmail.com

June 8th LPJS Bristol Foil bristolbladesfencing@gmail.com

July 13&14th Wellington Open info@wellingtonswords.club

All information about upcoming competitions can be found on the Southwest Fencing website at :- swfencing.co.uk

Or Devon Fencing website at devonfencing.co.uk

Or British Fencing website at Britishfencing.com

Congratulations to Wilf Haytor (Fences’ normally at Bridford club), 13 years old, has only been fencing foil for a year, who entered ‘The Novice Fencing Tournament 1st Edition’ on Saturday 30th March at Taunton, Somerset and came,

1st – excellent news, well done Will, brilliant effort

3 little facts to digest whilst having a cuppa !!

The only person in any sport to win Olympic gold medals at six consecutive Games was the Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich. He won them in the sabre team event from 1932 to 1960.

The world’s oldest fencing club is the Confrérie de Saint-Michel, which was established in 1613 in Ghent, Belgium. That’s about 250 years older than the world’s oldest football clubs: Sheffield F.C. (1857), Hallam F.C. (1860) and Worksop Town F.C. (1861).

More famous fencers are:Angelina Jolie, singer (Foil), Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (Foil), Tom Cruise, actor (Foil?), Prince Albert of Monaco (Sabre), Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden (Foil), Gen. George Patton (Epee/Modern Pentathlon), Winston Churchill (Foil), Rene Descartes, philosopher (fencing master), Karl Marx, political theorist (Foil), William Shakespeare (skilled stage fencing master).

According to thefencingcoach.org.uk

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