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November 2018 Newsletter

By dave, Nov 1 2018 09:42PM

November 2018 Newsletter
November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club (NATFC) newsletter.

Can I start off with a very big thanks to Jim Pilkington, John Evers & Jan Lacey for all their years of voluntary, loyal service for the NAFC, & our outgoing Chair, David Birchmore, who has done a stirling job despite his personal setbacks. May I also thank all the committed members :- Dave Atkins (Webmaster & Temporary Armourer), Bruce Freeman (Welfare Officer), James White, (Junior Representative).

Our B.A.F. coach, Jan Lacey, has examined and presented the following awards :-

- Bill Berkley Bronze Foil

- Joe Evers Bronze Foil

- Craig D’Allen Bronze Foil

- Mike Johnson Bronze Foil

- James White Bronze Epee

- Andy Devey Bronze Epee & Foil


- John Phillips Bronze & Silver Foil

- Leo Brook Bronze & Silver Foil


-Richard Lewis Morgan Gold Foil

-Jim Pilkington Gold Foil

-Andy Bornemisza Gold Foil


These awards are available to all members of the Totnes Club for more information, please contact Jan Lacy.

Results from October Club Foil, Epee & Sabre competiton can be found on our facebook page. Please don’t forget the 1st Tuesday of every month is Epee, the 3rd Tuesday is Sabre and the last Tuesday the Club Foil competion at Totness-20.00hrs to 22.00hrs.

If you’re interested in competions, please visit www.swfencing.co.uk and the competition dates and places are listed either on the right hand side of the page or under the competions tag at the top. Results of our competions can be found on our website.

Word of the Month: Point in Line

Your sword arm is completely straight & that your foil point is directly menacing an opponent’s target area.

Results from the Devon open at Okehampton.

Well done to all from NATFC (above from L to R George Gopal, Dave Atkins and Bill Berkley especially John Evers and Alex Scott for their selfless dedication.
Well done to all from NATFC (above from L to R George Gopal, Dave Atkins and Bill Berkley especially John Evers and Alex Scott for their selfless dedication.

-John Evers (President) johnevers@hotmail.co.uk 01626 833953 07854 635748

-William (Bill) Berkley (Chairman) berkleybill@blueyonder.co.uk 01752 519113

07599 834694

-Jim Pilkington(Hon Sec & Hon Treasurer) swordsman@salago.co.uk 01803 865721

07956 391751

-Dave Atkins (Equipment, Competition Sec, Club Captain & Armourer) davea123@btinternet.com 07966 232271

-James White (Juniors Rep) jww1992@btinternet.com

-Bruce Freeman (Welfare Officer) bruce_freeman@yahoo.co.uk 01626 773

I will post a newsletter each month on our Club Facebook.I welcome any news/ideas/topics that members would like to see in their montly newsletter.

Final footnote:- I teach Emergency First Aid at Work (eFAW) courses, amonst others. The course is 6 ½ hours duratation (which I charge £60 per person). If the club can gather a venue and 10 members, I am willing to teach it (certificate valid for 3 years) pro bono.

Nov 24 2018 08:21AM by Jim Pilkington

Just picking up on Bill's 'Word of the Month', when I first did some fencing back in the late 1960's, to have right of way in foil, you first had to have a straight arm. A straightening arm would not give you right of way. The lunge was coached 'straighten the arm and lunge' - in my view still not bad way in which to teach beginners.

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