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By Guest, Apr 21 2017 10:51AM

Herewith, we invite you to our International Fencing Camp.

Place: Vicenza, Italy (a town near Venice)

When: from the 24th to the 30th of July 2017

Who: Adult Fencers all levels

Weapons: All three weapons

Join in and compete, train, get individual lessons, go on an outing in Venice and, above all, fence, fence, fence, and have fun!!!

All our Coaches are certified and experienced.

We hope you like the idea and that you will share it.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vicenza (Italy).

For more info, prices (with or without hotel) go to the following links:




By Guest, Jan 19 2017 11:00AM

We have recently had a change of time and venue, particularly regarding Wednesdays. Please check via the 'Meetings' link on the menu bar above.

By Guest, Aug 17 2016 03:00PM

So last night was Melissa's last night at the Club before moving to East Sussex. To mark the event we had a sabre Competition (results in the Club Competitions Section) as a send off! I am sure I speak for all the club in wishing Melissa all the very best for the future! Don't forget to visit us when you are down in Devon!

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